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About Kyrgyzstan
Capital - Bishkek

Presidential, secular, unitary republic

State language - Kyrgyz

Official language - Russian

Population 6,700,000 people (May 23, 2022)

Member of the UN, WTO, CIS, EAEU, CSTO, SCO
Foreign trade turnover: $ 6.672 billion, export - $ 1.765 billion, import - $ 4.907 billion.

Any trading operations with any countries are allowed without restrictions

Customs Union: simplified trade procedures with the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia.
Kyrgyzstan is a friendly country in relation to the whole world

Diplomatic relations with 155 countries of the world

Successful experience of cooperation with different countries of the world, even if these countries oppose each other
The total length of roads in the country is 34,000 km

Air transport is served by three international airports (Bishkek, Osh, Issyk Kul (airport)) and several local

For 2020, 99% of the country's inhabitants are covered by mobile networks, of which 70% have access to high-quality 4G Internet
Banks accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express Traveler's Checks, ThomasCook, CitiCorp, (CUP) ChinaUnionPay and Registered Checks

No restrictions on:
  • Transfer of foreign currency across borders;
  • Import and export of currency is not limited if it is declared at customs points;
  • Operations on the exchange of national and foreign currency;
  • Buying and selling foreign currency by residents and non-residents properly in licensed banks and exchange offices;
  • Cash transactions for the exchange of national and foreign currency;
  • Current payments, operating income and cross-border transfer of capital
12% VAT

10% Income

10% Profit

27.5% Social taxes

0% Dividends (for residents)
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The VM Capital group of companies has been on the market since 2012.
VM in the company name comes from Value Management.
Areas and examples of our solutions:
To solve business problems of our Clients, we use the best practices of corporate governance, professionally structure transactions and control their execution, organize international trade and financial transactions, accompany negotiations on attracting investments, financing transactions, implementing investment projects, help to systematize and simplify non-core functions through modern digital solutions, provide outsourcing services for non-core functions, pay tax solutions
We help companies successfully develop their business in any market conditions, carry out and develop international operations, increase revenue and profit.
About company
General Director
300+ presentations at public and private conferences, seminars, moderator of conferences and strategy sessions. The best teacher of the course "Corporate Governance" IPPS HSE according to students' ratings 2019
Ivan Pirozhkov
Core competencies
Strategic negotiations, corporate governance, fundraising, M&A transactions, business process simplification, holding model for managing medium and large businesses, project management, project sales, digital business transformation
2011 – State University, Higher School of Economics, Higher School of Management, MBA
2000 – Novosibirsk State University (NSU), Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
1996 – Lyceum №61, Bishkek
$250m+ of raised financing for projects and transactions.
Created and organized the work of 4 boards of directors of private holdings.
Professional experience
20+ years of corporate governance experience in companies in 7 industries with a total revenue of $1bn+ per year.
Founder of the cloud computing service https://desktop.rent to simplify, secure and reduce the cost of corporate life.
Implemented 50+ successful projects in the field of corporate and financial management, business development, building and reorganization of holdings, optimization of non-core functions, business digitalization.
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